The Hainault Forest Community Association has been in operation since 1948 when the original annexe building was given to the local inhabitants for use as a community centre by contractors who used the building as a canteen when constructing the local roads of the Hainault housing estate.

This original site now affords an all day nursery facility for children of pre-school age and is registered by Ofsted.

An additional useful link:-  Families Information Direct.

A larger building now facilitates the remainder of the Association’s activities which include the following:

  • Comfortable bar lounge (members only)
  • Short mat bowls
  • Keep fit (60+)  
  • Sequence Dancing, Kung Fu, Karate,
  • Rosemary Conley, Weightwatchers,
  • Senior Citizens Afternoon Groups,
  • Slimming World, Jazzercise, Ceroc and Zumba
  • UK Online Computer Suite

The Hainault Forest Community Association is a registered charity no. 308119 and is operated by a voluntary management committee who are supported by experienced salaried staff.